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Retro Photo, Dave Praino Retro Photo, Mark Showalter
Red Shoes

My biggest appreciation for working with PS Media is the knowledge and expertise they bring. Not only do they bring me unbelievable creative ideas, but they put my message in front of the audience I want to talk to with absolutely no waste.


~ Dave Retter, Owner, Windermere Real Estate

Tri Cities

Dave Praino


Retro Photo, Michelle Turner

Michelle Wilson

Chief Cat Herder

Mark Showalter


Retro Photo, Doreen Jilek

Doreen Jilek

Keeper of the Gold

Retro Photo, Doreen Jilek

Mindy Miley

Sales Representative

Red Rocket
Retro Photo, Mark Hankinson Retro Photo, Mark Palazzo

Tony Moser


Mark Palazzo

Art Director

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