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About Us

Meet The Team

PS Media, Inc. was established in 1999, by Dave Praino and Mark Showalter; with the idea that this area needed a full-service advertising agency that uses all the tools available in advertising, public relations, web and video production to help clients speak out with a unified message. Our goal is to create and implement a customized total marketing plan that will maximize the return on our clients’ advertising investment.

“It can be hard to stand out in Automotive Advertising. Everyone claims to have the lowest prices, the best selection and the nicest people! The team at PS Media helps us differentiate our company in a clever, fun and lasting way. Thanks PS Media!”

Bill RobertsonOwner, Bill (and Debbie) Robertson Nissan
Owner, Producer

Tony Moser

Meet Tony Moser, the new owner of our company. With a background in media production and a touch of fame, Tony brings a unique blend of creativity and comedic flair to the table. As a former producer for PS Media, he could shoot and record anything, turning it into fantastic TV and radio commercials, web content, and more. And let’s not forget the magic of editing that he unleashes!

Before Tony graced us with his presence in the Tri-Cities, he spent a wild year in Seattle, working on projects for Microsoft and even crafting epic video game trailers. But that’s not all—this guy lived it up in Los Angeles for a whopping eight years! He was the editing wizard behind the scenes of blockbuster films like The Amazing Spider-Man, Men In Black 3, and Gangster Squad. Tony knows his way around movie magic, that’s for sure!

When he’s not busy being the boss, Tony unleashes his creativity in other delightful ways. He produces music videos for local bands, shoots uproarious comedy sketches, and dabbles in stand-up comedy when he’s feeling particularly courageous. And if you ever need a snack, swing by his desk! You’ll find bananas and sunflower seeds hidden away—because nothing fuels creativity like a healthy snack, right?

Now, let’s dive into some Tony trivia! When asked which character he’d be in a TV show or movie, he confidently declares that it would be a character he created himself. Modesty? Not Tony’s strong suit. The man has an appetite for success and Mexican food, his absolute favorite! And what does he put in his coffee? Oh, just two tablespoons of “none of your business.” Classic Tony.

With Tony at the helm, PS Media is in for a wild ride filled with laughter, creativity, and a touch of Hollywood glamour.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Anne Anderson

As an avid multitasker, Anne thrives on taking up multiple projects simultaneously, because why settle for just one? With her “ADD” (Anne’s Digital Drive) mode always activated, she effortlessly juggles various tasks, embracing the thrill of constant action.

Anne is a unique blend of creativity and analytical prowess, utilizing both sides of her brain to create captivating and data-driven campaigns. Whether she’s brainstorming innovative ideas or diving into analytics, she finds joy in maintaining the perfect balance between imagination and logic.

Equipped with her Part 107 UAS drone license, Anne takes her love for capturing moments to new heights. As she soars through the skies, her drone becomes a magical extension of her artistic vision, capturing breathtaking videos that leave viewers spellbound.

Anne’s journey in the digital marketing realm began as a social media manager for a grocery store. Little did she know that this role would become her gateway to encapsulating everything she adores—combining her creative genius with strategic brilliance. Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in business and digital marketing, she now embarks on exciting ventures, armed with knowledge and a heart brimming with passion.

With Anne, digital marketing has become an art form, an exhilarating dance of innovation and precision. Join her on this delightful adventure as she creates captivating campaigns, spreads joy, and embraces the infinite possibilities of the digital world.

Creative Engineer

Tyson Irby

Meet Tyson, a seasoned web & graphic designer with over 25 years of experience in creating stunning WordPress websites for over 60 clients. With a background in visual design, front-end architecture, and search engine optimization, Tyson is a well-rounded designer with a sharp eye for detail.

His passion for web design has led him to design, develop, deploy, and maintain award-winning WordPress websites that stand out from the crowd. Tyson’s expertise in WordPress makes him a valuable asset to our team, as he delivers websites that not only look great but are also optimized for search engines.

When he’s not crafting visually stunning websites, you might find Tyson tinkering under the hood of his fancy souped-up car. He’s a proud cat person who loves spending time with his feline friends, and he’s also a self-proclaimed hot sauce aficionado.

Join us in welcoming Tyson, the web design guru who brings his skills, passion, and love for hot sauce to every project he works on. With his eye for design and expertise in WordPress, Tyson is sure to take your website to the next level.

Founder / Strategist

Dave Praino

With more than 30 years of advertising and marketing experience, Dave usually has an answer to just about any question relating to marketing. In past lives, Dave did his first hitch in his career Hell as the Owner/Operator of a manufacturer-retailer of bedroom furnishings.

During Dave’s second tour of Under-World, he actually got to rub elbows with the Devil himself as a National Sales Manager for a local NBC affiliate…and since establishing PS Media in 1999, Dave is yet to define his current place in life as Heaven or Hell. Dave’s duties at PS Media include but are not limited to the overseer of all things administrative, vendor negotiations, media planning and placement, client glad-handing, and the making of the first pot of coffee each day.

On a personal note, Dave married his girlfriend, LaVonne, of 5 years in 1980. (Yes, they’re still married, and if you do the math it adds up to FOR-EV-ER!) Dave and LaVonne have two fine-strapping young sons that provide all the necessary ambition, (educational and food expenses).

Dave’s favorite hobbies include daydreaming about recreational activities and watching the cobwebs and layers of dust grow on his golf clubs and fishing tackle.

So, should you need any help in getting your message out, give Dave a call, drop him an email, or even send up smoke signals…you may be surprised by what Dave answers.

Founder / Creative Director

Mark Showalter

With everything from graphic design and photography to writing TV and radio scripts, news releases and proposals Mark Showalter may be the quintessential “Jack of All Trades.” Many would not think it’s possible to effectively use both creative and organizational sides of the brain but Mark seems to pull if off. Now, if he could only put the same amount of effort into his golf game. Mark grew up in the Tri-Cities.

A graduate of Kennewick High, where he was the senior class president and voted “Most Artistic” in his class. He knew early on that his graphic design skills were going to come in handy. From giant school spirit posters displayed in the high school cafeteria on home football weekends to the clever hand-drawn flyers promoting the latest fraternity fundraising party at W. S. U. (Go Cougs!) Mark had an early knack for effective communication. Once Mark had graduated from Washington State University (Go Cougs!) he went off to seek his fortune in Los Angeles. Mark quickly realized you needed to have a fortune to just live there. L.A. was quite the culture shock but he stayed for a year or so working for Vener Imaging Systems. Mark learned everything he could about the print industry and the graphics that needed to be prepared for the medium. Soon the appeal of the “big city” was lost and Mark returned to his native Tri-Cities where he still lives today.

Along the way, his work transitioned into the television world, getting his start at a local TV affiliate station. Suddenly a whole new medium was open to him. Again he learned all he could about the various tools of the trade and knew another transition was coming. Mark’s carefree days came to an end when he met and married his true love, Mary Ann. Now his days are free of care, as she takes great care of him.

They have a son, John, who is a recent graduate of Washington State University. (Go Cougs!) Another transition had Mark switch from working in the B.C. era (before computers) with pen and ink, airbrush and board to plying his craft on a “paint box” and that was no easy task, but Mark was up for it. Moving to a job with the advertising department of the cable company to produce a new channel put him in front of an actual computer he could draw on.

Creativity flowed as Mark mastered yet another medium. Soon images that were in his mind’s eye were transformed to images on screen for all to see. As the cable company’s advertising department continued to grow, Mark eventually found himself as the manager for the department, gaining valuable corporate training that continues to help him now as the co-founder of PS Media.

Mark Twain once said, “Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising”. He was right. Mark Showalter knows the importance of creating the right message delivered in the correct medium gives the client the ability to grow. Now that’s using both sides of your brain.


Doreen Jilek

Meet Doreen, our certified bookkeeper with a love for numbers that runs deep. Growing up in a large family on a farm, Doreen learned to figure things out for herself from a young age. Her math skills shone in school and continue to make her smile, especially if there are dollar signs involved!

Doreen’s career path has been diverse, ranging from secretary to association management, event planning, and catering director for a local hotel. But when the long hours became too much for her young family, she made a career change and returned to her love of numbers. She taught herself bookkeeping by rolling up her sleeves, digging in, and figuring it out – it’s what she does best.

Doreen is a Certified Bookkeeper and a member of both the National Bookkeepers Association and the National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers. She finds balance in the world of bookkeeping, where everything has to add up. So, if you ever have any questions about your invoice, bill, or statement, Doreen is confident that she can figure it out. When she’s not crunching numbers, you can find her spending time with her family or enjoying the great outdoors.