PS Media, Inc. was established in 1999, by Dave Praino and Mark Showalter

Our Start

PS Media, Inc. was established in 1999, by Dave Praino and Mark Showalter; with the idea that this area needed a full-service advertising agency that uses all the tools available in advertising, public relations, web and video production to help clients speak out with a unified message. Our goal is to create and implement a customized total marketing plan that will maximize the return on our clients’ advertising investment.

Our Team

Tony Moser

Owner / producer

As a producer for PS Media, I shoot and record for clients. Then through the magic of editing, I turn them into commercials for TV and/or radio, web content, and more. (Read More)

Dave Praino

founder / Strategist

Never before in recorded history has anyone considered the self-diagnosed social ills of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, Tourette’s, and manic-schizophrenia a blessing of talent… (Read More)

Mark Showalter

Founder / Creative Director

With everything from graphic design and photography to writing TV and radio scripts, news releases and proposals Mark Showalter may be the quintessential “Jack of All Trades.” … (Read More)

Tyson Irby

Web & Graphic Designer

A web & graphic designer, with experience designing and developing WordPress websites for over 60 clients over 25 years. My background in visual design, front-end architecture, and search engine optimization, allow me to design, develop, deploy and maintain award winning WordPress websites.

Doreen Jilek

accounting department

Doreen was born to a family of 9 brothers and sisters, and grew up in an old farmhouse with one bathroom. She could say she had to walk a mile to school each day with no shoes but that would be stealing lines from her parents… (Read More)

Alexandra Mickelsen

Digital marketinG Specialist

As our resident Social Media and Digital Guru, Alex handles all the new and non-traditional advertising placements… (Read More)

Jordan Miller

Graphic Designer

As PS Media’s Graphic Designer, Jordan creates and delivers a wide variety of digital, web, and print creative assets. Jordan has always had a passion for the digital arts ever since… (Read More)